Friday, August 25, 2006

Vintage Sewing Patterns

I love to sew.
I hate to sew.
Actually I love patterns.
Sewing is a chore.
I'm cool if there is no collar or inset sleeves, I really suck at those.

Patterns are about what could be.
Sewing is the here and now and the thread that has gotten all tangled
with the bobbin again.
Damn Bobbin.

All that being said the advent of the pre-made sewing patterns ensured that any talented home seamstress could dress like a Duchess if she had the time and fabric to do so.

I have a Pictorial Review Pattern on ebay right now.
It is the oldest pattern I have ever had. I've dated to about 1910-1917.
Nice day dress.

I am in love with this Vogue Couturier Design pattern.
I love the structural back hip draping.
So chic.
Yes it would look fab in black rayon crepe....

All of the patterns pictured can be found on ebay in my auction listings.

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