Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Is This Becoming an Obsession?

Maybe I need to tile this blog "little Black 40's dress" since that seems to be all I am interested in lately.
Like this dress.
It is a simple, iconic shape of the 40's.
Black rayon, hugs the figure, but the beading (which I am always amazed when work like this has survived intact considering what I run across everyday and do not buy due to various age issues.) takes it from an everyday look to something The Black Dahlia would have worn.
Now there is another obsession; maybe because it involves "old Hollywood" and makes a great subject for a Noir film. The victim was lovely and her murder was gruesome. She (and that is her to the left, Elizabeth Short) is rumored to have worn black most of the time hence we are back to the 40's black rayon dresses that I seem to love.
If I lived another life and was another size I would wear these dresses with great 40's platforms and seamed stockings all the time.

All this brings me to the two movies I am looking forward to.
The Black Dahlia and Hollywood Land.
Old Hollywood and murder make the best movies in my book and the costumes will be right up my alley.
I can't wait.
Don't forget to stop by RedPony Vintage to check out that dress. Maybe you can buy it and wear it to see The Black Dahlia when it opens. Now that would be cool.

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