Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lemon Curd and Fried Pies

If you remember I've already figured out how to make fried pies using The Best Biscuit Recipe Ever, but was disappointed with a lack of lemon pies. I did not want to use the bright yellow lemon goo you find, but was not that interested in trying to find a replacement.
The other day I made THIS pie.
It might be the best lemon pie I've ever made or eaten. 
So good.
The best part was the Lemon Curd that tops it. 
LEMON CURD! I thought.
Perfect filling for my fried pies:

1 1/2 Cup Sugar
6 TBL Cornstarch
Pinch of salt
1 C Water
2 Tea Grated Lemon Rind (4ish lemons)
2/3 C Fresh Lemon Juice (4ish lemons)
2 TBL Butter

Mix sugar and cornstarch in sauce pan.
Add water, lemon juice and rind. Bring to boil over med high heat, stirring.
It thickens about boiling point.
Take off heat.
Throw in butter and stir till melted.
Let it cool a few hours or a few days. I left my second batch in the fridge for a few days (w/o a lid, it began to weep with a lid on) with no issues. Follow the directions here to make fired pies using The Best Biscuit Recipe Ever.


Summer in your mouth.

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