Thursday, May 03, 2012

Pretty, Yummy Things

A Cookbook A Month is lovely cooking blog.
One cookbook a month with comments from the blog ladies and (I think) their families.
The photographs are worth stopping by.

Another blog is from my friend Helen Rushbrook, a photographer in the UK, who does lovely work.

And last but not least, I can't believe I have not mentioned CumberbatchWeb which is run by another UK friend and has all things related to the delectable Benedict Cumberbatch without being a creepy fan site with pap photos and gossip. Here is a nice write up of all his doings in New York in the past few days.

This, of course allows me to post a picture of Ben at the Sherlock PBS Masterpiece Q&A in New York last night.
(seriously...adorable....wish I could remember where I got it from last night)

(no I did not go, he's all that, but NY is too far to go for any dude.)
Sherlock will grace our TV screens once more beginning this Sunday night on your local PBS (I hope you support you local PBS) station.

Lastly, I know there has not been near enough vintage lately, but I'm in the middle of migrating from Main Street Online to Etsy or possibly just selling directly from so I'm still feeling all a muddle about that.
I will be having a brilliant sale next week.
Check back here for the details.

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