Thursday, April 05, 2012


Yesterday I was sitting at the computer and noticed a guy walking around my yard.
(I am normally home alone in this backwoods place with all the neighbors at work.)

So I got up and went to the door to ask him what he needed while my mad dogs barked their "please let us eat him" bark.
Sweaty, dirty and carrying a gas can this guy looked like Daryl from The Walking Dead with an unfortunate lack of hotness.

No dead squirrels over his shoulder though.

So he said he needed gas because he had broken down on the other side of the woods, that's like 4 miles.
I was all "dude, no gas, but would you like to use the phone?"
Not-hot-Daryl "no one to call."
Me. "Okayyy, maybe some water? I'll get you a glass"
NHD: "I'll just get some from the hose"

I boggle, but whatever.
He leaves but starts walking in the neighbor's backyards. So I'm a bit "yeah, right" and dial 911. I explain what is going on, but tell the gal I really don't want to get the guy in trouble, but maybe a car can come by and help him.
NHD disappears and at some point I see a country sheriff care cruise the neighborhood.
I figure it was over.

Oh no.

About 4pm when hubs gets home NHD is back. This time dirtier, with bleeding feet from blisters and no gas can.
NHD: I guess you were right...
Me: Phone?
(I need to stop here and let ya'll know that this guy was very sweet and incredibly polite with lots of "yes ma'ms.)
So I send hubs out with phone and some iced tea, NHD calls his brother WHO WILL NOT COME GET HIM so my sweet husband gave him a ride to his brother's place.
Come to find out NHD, who is not the smartest tack in the box, rode his brother's four wheeler out (that would be without permission) behind our place, broke down, found gas, got water in gas line so four wheeler was now not just out of gas but broken down which was why said brother would not come get him.

At 10 pm NHD and his brother (who I never saw) came by, borrowed a flash light and some alcohol to clean out the line and get the vehicle out of the woods. He gave me a $1 for the bottle of alcohol.

So I'm glad the cops did not find this poor dude wandering the neighborhood because it would probably have not ended well and I'm glad my crazy neighbor was not home during all of this because he would have shot the poor guy.
Some days you just have to trust your fellow man.

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