Friday, November 11, 2011

As Advertised

Sometimes things actually work the way they are designed too.
I have dogs.
Large stinky dogs with skin issues that live in my house and even with all the washing and medication and vacuuming the house still smells like dogs live here.
The litter box goes unnoticed.
What does help are those Glade Plug-Ins.
(Yankee Candle ones are good too, but pricey and Air Wicks are just disgusting.)
BUT and this is a big but, my husband and son are picky about the smells I use because said smells irritate their noses and/or give them headaches. I actually would not care a jot if it was not for the incessant whining from the two of them.
Candles are OK, but they don't get the job done and I am always afraid one of the evil cats will knock them over in a bid for freedom to escape their fur less monkey oppressors.
So I am always on the look out for fragrances I like and that my family will keep their pie holes shut about. The problem is I don't like florals much or vanilla or "clean linen" which normally leaves me with apple cinnamon.
I like a citrus herb smell or something with peppermint in it.
Normally those are very hard to find at my local Wal-Mart and sell out really fast on-line.
Now because it is almost the holidays I decided to see what was going on in fragrances for Christmas.
Oh peppermint and some kind of tree stuff that will make my worn out fake tree smell "real".
Sold out.
(we have now reached the point of this post.)
EXCEPT on the Home Depot (of all places) website where you can pay via paypal and then go pick up at your local store which avoids shipping charges. I have tried other stores "buy online pick up at store" ventures and they normally are rubbish.
This time it worked.
I walked into Home Depot, went to the service desk gave them a print-out of my email and in 5 mins (it would have been less if not for the annoying humans in front of me)  I was out of the store and on my way home.
I even noticed what a lovely day it was. NPR was playing a bit of music from LOTR, the leaves were falling from the trees as I drove underneath and it was almost, dare I say, fucking magical.

(BTW, I also noted that they have a couple of really lovely pre-lighted fake trees from Martha Stewart and very retro wrapping paper and a great collection of aqua ornaments.)

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