Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Now that I've thought about it all morning, had my tea and started eating one of the banana and choc chip muffins I had to make last night because the 'nanna was going bad (which had presented me with the dilemma of making muffins or trashing said banana muffins of course....DON't JUDGE ME) I feel sufficiently fortified to discuss today's Sherlock fandom outrage.
Surprise, it has nothing to do with which is the hotter better Sherlock Holmes (sorry RDJ) but specifically with Spoilers.

Playing the "Luke I am your Father"/"Rosebud was his SLED" game on internet message boards in response to a "OMG! You just spoiled the ending of LOST for me!!!!!" when the show has been off the air and discussed ad nauseum can be fun.

But yeah, spoilers suck, even when a book is over 100 years old and you know that while for all intents and purposes Sherlock Holmes was dead at the end of Reichenbach Falls (that is what Conan Doyle wanted) he ended up not being completely dead and was cleverly (of course) resurrected in The Empty House.

Why do they suck?*
Because you are watching Sherlock for a wholly new and creative interpretation of the canon, well that and because Cumberbatch makes you all wobbly inside, but still, it is about doing something new and different with very well known material.
I know something bad might happen at the end of Season 2, but I don't want to know what and how it will happen.
This angst all came about because of filming in London and digital cameras and the internet and it seems a couple of "newspapers" (I think I might be using the term loosely) may have written published pictures and/or written what they think is the ending to the last episode of the next season.
Hell, Benedict Cumberbatch himself let go a juicy spoiler (and in his last interview Le Carre did say he approved all changes that have been made in the movie) about his character in Tinker Tailor Solider Spy, Peter Guillan, in a recent interview. A spoiler that is a departure from the novel.
And yeah, I was a bit annoyed....not because "there is anything wrong with that" but because it does change the character, plus it won't be a new twist when I see the movie.
AND it did effect my second read though of the novel.

Which was perfect as I had just dickishly said on Twitter "can you be spoiled if a book has been out 40 years or so?"
Well fuck you Julie, yes you can.

*I already know I will get spoiled because while those bastards in the UK will see Sherlock in 2012, I will have to illegaly legally view it somewhere on the intertubes PBS in 2013 and....nevermind. Though I do still think that whining you found out that Snape killed Dumbldore before the movie came out but years after the book makes you a prat. Especially if you spend time on the intertubes. I do promise not to tell how Bella has Edward's baby because ( A) It is redonkulous and disgusting and (B) BECAUSE TWILIGHT SUCKS PEOPLE.....WHY ARE YOU WATCHING THOSE MOVIES?

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