Friday, July 22, 2011

New Links

I added a couple of links to the roll.
* Skeptical Science, it will help you deal with the conservatives in your family who do not think there is such a thing as Global Warming and if we pray enough Jesus will save us from it anyway. It is listed under the heading; Truth in Politics or How to Deal with the TeaBaggers in your Life.

* Christopher Fowler, an English author who writes the cracking good Bryant and May mystery novels. For Anglophiles his blog is a great mix of London past and present with other odd bits and pieces thrown in.

*John Finnemore, the comedy genius who writes my favorite BBC radio show "Cabin Pressure", has a nice little blog. I like him so I read it. The last few posts have included pictures of his notebooks for each show which is really a gift to budding writers to actually see how his creative process on paper works. Plus he is a really funny man.

That's it.
I think I will leave you with Craig T. Nelson being a douchebag on Glenn Beck.

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