Sunday, July 04, 2010

Dear God, Not Another LARPing Weekend

The teen is off with some friends this weekend and I assume he will come back missing a fingertip since each time he hangs out with his LARPing group (which he does twice a month...maybe) he comes home sick or injured.
Last time it was bronchitis he is still on meds for and the time before he twisted his ankle so bad he had to wear a boot and not work for 3 weeks. The total price for the medical bills for his LARPing weekends this year have been about $1200ish.

I guess this is payback for a relatively healthy and injury free childhood...

And the reason I say my son (he's 18) will be missing a fingertip is because this was the bottle rocket conversation the other day.

ME: Jesus, be careful
HIM: I am
ME: Put the damn thing in a bottle or can
HIM: NO I can hold
ME: Oh, for fucks sake (I said this as I walked away muttering to myself how I was not paying for it if he put his eye out and how hard it is for a guy missing an eye and a front tooth to get laid unless you are a really hot pirate.)

He has now shot off a few. I am on the deck. He comes up and turns ways from me.
ME: What's wrong
HIM: Nothing
ME: Bullshit, what did you do
HIM: Nothing (while he rushes into the house and into his bathroom all the while avoiding looking at me)
He came back out after a few min and he has a burn mark on his right eyelid where a piece of the burning paper had landed.

ME: Jesus Joseph and Mary.....I told you you would put your eye out
HIM: I blinked in enough time....

*BTW I stole the pictures from one of the guys Facebook pages, hope they don't mind, it is fun to see them in action.
EDIT:The sword he is using is from a couple of boxes of supplies that a wonderful reader sent for free!

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jkubenka said...

Well, while I am sorry he gets hurt every time he LARPs (get used to it, btw, our medical bills for my husband when he did medieval martial arts would make your eyes roll back into your head and foam start spewing from your mouth), I am glad he is getting use of the sword and stuff! Great pics, and he looks like he's having a great time.