Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Comfortable and Dead or Risky and Possibly Rich


Obligatory Mad Men Jantzen post.
The title is what Don says to the morons from Jantzen when they balk at a more sexy ad for their "two piece" bathing suit (yes, it is a bikini gents) that they want to sell more of...they are just hypocritical about what they are selling.
Of course the line is really for Don's benefit, but we will not get into that now.

I looked though the ads I had and none for 64' or 65' but in the 60's they were using the campaign "Just Wear A Smile and A Jantzen" which was used in both their swimming suit and sportswear advertising. FuzzyLizzie has another example on her blog.


From the Jantzen website:

Jantzen harkens back to its archives for its creative inspiration. Whether it’s using an Art Deco 1930s image from Jantzen Beach Theme Park where you could “Dance, Swim, and Play” or their successful 1960s “Just Wear a Smile and a Jantzen” campaign, promoting a form of “happiness” reflects today’s marketing pitch to consumers who are responding to old fashioned values. In a difficult economy, a little happiness goes a long way. Images from the Jantzen

Archives have been seen in the last two seasons of Emmy Award winning Mad Men on AMC and will again be featured in opening credits this fall with images from the 1960s Smile campaign.

Jezebel had a few ads pointing out the difference in advertising between the women's and men's lines, but instead of being from the 1960's they are all 40's and early 50's including this beauty:

And never to be forgotten the "Satan's Spawn" Jantzen ad campaign of 1947:

The Jantzen lingerie ads were a bit risque even in 1950.

What I did notice was that though the 40's and early 50's they were selling sexy and being attractive to the opposite sex, but as society became more permissive (and their competitors became more blatant maybe) Jantzen's ads did become more all about good wholesome fun and how happy a woman would be in a Jantzen bathing suit.

Which if I could find that suit in the top ad in my size I would be very, very happy indeed.

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