Wednesday, June 16, 2010

National Emo Heart Attack

Really people.
Calm down.
Oil spills take a long time to clean up.
Oil corporations suck and cut corners.
The President is not "big daddy" come to make us feel all safe and happy. He can't invent a time machine and go back and warn us all of the impending oil spill and stop it before it happens.
He's not the fucking Doctor.

Our National "Freak the Fuck Out" Heart Attack is not becoming at all.

Calm down folks....


Ivy Black said...

You are , as ever, the voice of reason. Over here in the UK we're not quite sure how it's Obama's fault and what he was meant to do.

DawnRose said...

Like. That is all.

Sue said...

Well said!! I love how this country always has to blame "someone"!

Take care, Sue

What-I-Found said...

Amen sister!

jkubenka said...

Wow. The whole "emo" thing is exactly what it is. The whole blame game is just beyond me. The whole thing just makes me think the same thing you had the courage to write. Keep on preaching! (hope yer son is having a good time with his LARP stuff!)