Friday, June 18, 2010

Juliana Earrings and Serendipity

I bought these gorgeous earrings sometime last year for myself at a garage sale, but I've yet to wear them so I decided to list them on Etsy. I had a feeling they might be Juliana (D&E) because of the brightness of the stones, the open rivets on the back and the smoothness/quality of the gold plate.
I inquired over at the Vintage Fashion Guild for a bit more information and low and behold I was right.
Not only right but the response came from the always knowledgeable Linn of Linn's Collection who has the matching brooch listed on Ruby Lane.

How cool is that?
You can see the rivets on the back picture of Linn's brooch. Juliana jewelry was not marked so the rivets are one of the hallmarks looked for to help identify a maker. Also from Linn's listing on RL:
" A variation of this brooch in another colorway appears on p. 45 of "Inside the Jewelry Box" by Ann Pitman. The brooch also matches earrings that have been confirmed by Frank DeLizza."
Frank DeLizza was the owner of DeLizza & Elster which manufactured Juliana (Frank's mother's name) costume jewelry.

All in all a nice surprise...

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