Saturday, December 05, 2009

Things That Made Me Smile

My Noel Poodles made me smile.

So did "New Moon" done in LOL.

After getting some new dresses listed I sat in front of the fire, listened to 40's/50's Christmas music and ate a piece of Italian Creme Cake. Then a kitty came and joined me for awhile. It made me smile.

I got to an estate sale too late and missed the patterns and most of the vintage. I got some cute Judy Bond blouses that look like they have never been worn and these:

The address book has a refill so I can add my own information and the memo pad has never been used. They made me smile when I saw them.

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jkubenka said...

Oh that New Moon lolcatz version was really funny. I loved the *mope* thingy the best. I just suffered seeing it for the first time today. My daughter and her friend thought it was "EPIC". Yeah.