Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nikki Heat

I love Firefly.
I love Nathen Fillion which means I find Castle* a nice little show.
I love mysteries, which means every time the show is on I tell my husband "I wish Castle was a real series of mystery novels."

But look.
Not books about Castle and Beckett, she of the

but Heat Wave the Nikki Heat novel Castle has written with Beckett as his muse.
Can NOT believe I missed this.
And now I am broke and the new Dresden Files is coming out and I.Must.Own.Both.

Wonder just who is the author writing under the nom de plume of Richard Castle.

*If you watch the show, you will know what I mean. My theory on the coats is that she buy very basic clothes, shoes and has a no nonsense purse, but what she splurges on is awesome jackets and coats.
**You also know this means that if I had a Kindle already I could have downloaded a copy and would be reading it right now.

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Anonymous said...

I love all things FIrefly or Fillion, so I'll be buying it too!

Dresden, it's a given!!