Saturday, October 10, 2009

Look At That Cadillac

Another picture from the estate sale last week.
The notation reads;

THE LE MANS — Cadillac's most exclusive experimental creation highlights the General Motors Motorama of 1953. Named for famous Le Mans — scene of the world-famed road race — this plastic fiberglass car powered by a 250 h.p, engine. Racy sports styling is combined with rare elegance — featuring specially embossed seat leather and jeweler engraved hood emblem, wheel discs and instrument panel surfaces. This single seat car is 5 1/2 lower than the standard Cadillac convertible, The Le Mans, according to Don E. Ahrens, Vice President of General Motors and General Manager of Cadillac Car Division, is regarded as the most advanced interpretation of American luxury-sports car styling.

The models outfit looks very Clare Mcardle-ish. A lot of designers would lend their designs and names to advertisements for luxury cars.

Look at That Cadillac from the Stray Cats, Live at the Savoy in 1983.
God we were all so young....

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Gabriella said...

Just found your blog and have been reading through the old posts. In a word: Love it!!! I'm adding you to my blog roll immediately!