Monday, February 02, 2009

Open Tabs/It Must be the Fault of That Jesus Dude

I guess Jesus just decided the Cardinals did not deserve to win the Super Bowl. Snarky diary on Dkos.

I wish Thomas Friedman would just shut the fuck up about how we all will have to sacrifice and tighten our belts. For some reason that kinda talk coming from a dude who lives in this house just makes me want to punch things. Guess what Tom, most of us missed whatever party that has been going on for the last 8 years....lecture me when you are living in double wide.

Nice shout out on Mrs. O about vintage fashion ala our First Lady's style. Good times in the comments concerning the obvious mis-dating of the featured item.

Gonna buy a new mannequin head from Marge Crunkelton, who makes reproductions of vintage mannequin heads, just can't decided which. Gotta love that name. I am stuck between these two:

Pajiba's seriously random list of the best super bowl commercials.
My vote is for Hulu.
Two words....Alrc Baldwin.

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