Saturday, August 09, 2008

Living The Vintage Life

Interesting article on the Daily Mail about a few couples in England who live their lives completely in the past.
Who wouldn't want a kitchen like this:

I would LOVE to re-do my house like the one above.
Seriously cool.

I don't even mind that they are housewives who live for the comfort of their hubbies.
That is their beeswax and what was the woman's movement for if not to allow women to make any choice they want?
Except they make the mistake that many do of forgetting that not everything was so good in the good old days.

Remember the good old days?
Without AC? Or computers? Or microwaves? Or chemo? Or polio vaccines?
Remember Jim Crow and "separate but equal".
How about having to get your husband permission to go on birth control?

Life was slower and in someways gentler so I do understand the desire to retreat to a fantasy world, but that is all it is because the world of Andy Griffith and Lucy never really existed.

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Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

I love that little stove and the fireplace shown in the story. It's a very interesting lifestyle. I think I have mixed feelings about it. You can't help but think that it's not really as dreamy as they describe it.
I'm glad that I live in NJ where we have gas station attendants, because I agree that filling the car with gas is soemthing that I would not want to do!