Saturday, July 07, 2007

Saturday; Clean Dogs and New Vintage

The dogs (all 4 of them) are all hiding from me at the moment. It was wash day.
I hate washing the dogs, but I love when it is warm enough out that I can hose them off on the deck and not have to put Fang (all 80 lbs) in the bathtub.

Plus, I get the deck nice and clean too.

Nico, one of the cats walked by and looked at me saying (yes she can talk with her eyes) "Bitch, you better not be thinking about washing me..." .....not in a million years.....

I'm also getting ready for the next load of vintage dresses and tops I'll be listing in the store this week.
Here is a fast preview for ya.

Got a nice little haul of pretty vintage cotton tops, a last gasp of summer for me since after this I'll begin listing fall and winter items.
A pink vintage shirtwaist dress and a really great 40's pink and gray day dress.
I could sell nothing but shirtwaist dresses and I would be a happy camper.

Pretty salmon vintage prom dress and a larger size cocktail dress.
I LOVE the striped dress, very cool and the middle dress in a snappy wiggle dress from Suzy Parette.

They should all be listed at Damn Good Vintage soon.

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