Tuesday, July 10, 2007

And it begins...

The next few weeks will be fun as the Harry Potter fandom explodes with movie wank and then, OMG!, the last book wank.
I'm gonna need tons of popcorn.

On our way out the door to meet friends for food and fun and then the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
Batshit crazy Bella.
and Lucius.

In leather.



There is NO bigger Potter dork out there then me, but I was so sadly disappointed (and I am never one to complain about what gets left out, except for the Snape stuff).
I kept thinking "Jesus will this never end?".
That's pretty bad.

I can't even put why I thought it was just ~meh~ into words.
It just was.

Lat 30 min was great though.
Bellatrix was awesome.
Lucius in leather....yumm.
Lots 'o Snape.
Oh, and Mack Daddy Sirus in his velvets.

But I still am just ~meh~......
I have a feeling I will be alone in my opinion since everyone we went with last night thought is was all "OMG AMAZING".


To show what a Potter dork I really am I actually went today and saw it AGAIN (yes a movie I was not happy with) and I am happy to report that on a 2nd viewing I like.
It could be that I was just too tired and old to go to a midnight movie, or that I needed to pee, or that the seats lean back and it kills my back.
I might of been focusing too much on stupid stuff left in (Garwp), added (Minerva being scared of Umbridge) or left out (hello, the screaming picture which while small added tension and emotional conflict to a flat start)....it seemed very flat at the beginning.
But I enjoyed it soooooo much more this time.
Ummmmm Lucius.
So view.
Enjoy Lucius in leather, Sirus in pimp velvets and lots 'o Snape.....

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Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

Hi Julie,
I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it the 2nd time. Lot's of Snape is very good! What was Sirius' death like?
I was disappointed when I heard that Mrs. Black wouldn't be making an appearance in this movie. Someone, somewhere, posted casting suggestions back when they were casting the movie, and a popular idea for Mrs. Black was Joanna Lumley. I thought she would have been a great shreaker in that part!