Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pork Steaks

Just a "I'm still alive" post with my new BBQ pork steak recipe.

You need:
Pork Steaks
BBQ Sauce

*Brine the steaks for a few hours in salt water.

*Either turn on your gas grill (just one side) or get the charcoal going.

*While you are waiting take the steaks out of the fridge, drain and pat dry.

*Sprinkle with some pepper and a salt free rub (this is important, don't add extra salt to brined meat. it will be foul.) of your choice if you want.

*If using charcoal pour the bricks out on just one side of your grill.
(I don't really need to tell you all the steps for preparing your grill do I?)

*Put BBQ sauce on one side of steak, place sauce side face down on the COOL side of your grill. Put sauce on face up side of steak. Close lid with the air hole open. Let cook about 7 min. 

*Now more sauce, flip that side over face down, add sauce to the side that is face up. Grill for about 7 min.

*Re-sauce, but now move your steaks to the hot side where you can cook and burn all you want. I flipped the ones last night about 3 times adding more sauce each time I tuned them. The sauce gets nicely carmelized this way. I like my pork steaks not burnt so mine came off sooner then my husband who for some inexplicable reason loves them slightly burnt. Go figure.

**I did not use a rub last night and they were still delicious.

Angela over at The Kitchenista Diaries has great rub recipes. Just leave out the salt. She has just amazing recipes basically, her recipes along with ones from America's Test Kitchen have changed the way I cook for the better.

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