Saturday, September 24, 2011

For Those Who Love To Read


Since June I have purchased 13 books from Amazon for my Kindle.
Now I love to read.
And I love books.
I really love my Kindle.
I hate holding a book and I have an inability to get books back in time.
I lose books and my dogs have been known to find library books very yummy.
And I love libraries.

Today I found out that my local library now has the ability to lend books via Kindle due to a deal between Overdrive and Amazon.


My reading lists are heavily British and obscure, but there will be no more late or lost books fines and I will save some money on purchases.
Of course this all depends on what format my library has a specific book available in. From comparing what I bought in the last few months to what is available there are 4 books I purchased that could have been just borrowed. Plus there are a few I was not really sure if I wanted to read or not (Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) that now I can borrow happily.

I still have to go to the library and pay my $50 fine (I know....DON'T JUDGE ME) which I would have paid in May if they had a CC machine and took debit cards.
I mean really, who carries cash anymore?

*That is a Bryant and May mystery by Christopher Fowler. If you like mysteries and have a thing for London these are the best.

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