Wednesday, May 25, 2011

And Still Alive...

Really this year has just sucked in so many ways and I've just been unable to work though it for the past few months.
But that does not mean that there are not things to blog about.

Benedict Cumberbatch is adorkable and lovely with either his natural ginger with the epic sideburns or the dark locks of Sherlock Holmes.
I wish I lived in the UK so I could be a proper crazy old lady stalker.
He's in a small independent film, Third Star, that has a limited release in the US and will be in a couple of other "larger" films later in the year and of course Sherlock: Season 2 is filming right now in Wales.
Also Mrs. Obama makes me all kinds of happy:

And while I thought Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows part one was BORING and had NOT ENOUGH SNAPE, I am looking forward to the end and will probably join some friends at the midnight showing next month.
AND I hear that Crazy Sarah Palin has made a movie about...herself!


Victoria said...

Mrs, Obama looks stunning! And, really a Sarah Palin movie, that should be very entertaining, what a character she can be :) Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on Michelle Obama. She is really beautiful and dresses in great taste. But her mind is even more beautiful.