Saturday, January 08, 2011

Dear Sarah.

Dear Sarah step up, be an adult and please take a bit of personal responsibility for your part in how crazy things have gotten. It does not matter why. What matters is that what you said could have resulted in a shooting. As a public figure you have a responsibility for the tone of the conversations. In an effort to tone down the rhetoric you might want to apologize for the targets and vow to never use gun/violent language when it comes to political rivals.
Or make maps.
Maps seem to get you in trouble.
There should be no place in our society for that type of talk.

and I'll begin by apologizing for anything I might have said in the past.
Now it is your turn Sarah.

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Ivy Black said...

The kind of rhetoric she uses was bound to have an affect. I'm very sad and angry to see what has happened to Gabrielle Giffords. Looking across from over the pond, I don't like Palin or what she represents and I don't believe that she is intelligent, thoughtful or compassionate enough to hold sway like she does. It was bound to end badly.