Sunday, December 05, 2010


I'm sick of all the "Obama is the worst President evah" from all the libs/progressives/whiny ass babies on the internet.
So here's a haven from the crazy:
The Only Adult in the Room

I just wanted to add that yes, not everything Obama has done or is doing or will do makes me happy, BUT I blame the majority of our problems on the Congress he gets to work with. I think instead of bitching about how Obama has failed Progressives and liberals and talking about primarying him in 2012 (and screw you Daily Kos I can't even visit you anymore) the true conversation should be how to get rid of the Blue Dog Democrats in the House and Senate who refuse to support the President's (or the Democratic party's) agenda.


Sue said...

I too am sick of the same damn thing! Thanks for reminding me that I'm not alone!!

Take care, Sue

Ivy Black said...

I wish we had a politician like Obama in the UK!X

What-I-Found said...

Thanks for that link, I'm subscribed and looking forward to reading good news.
You rawk!