Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cheif Iz a Sad Kitty

Why do pets insist on getting hurt when the vet is closed?
Today I realized that Master Cheif was growling at everyone after coming in and laying down under a chair.
He's normally very sweet and would never growl at the dogs.
I bend down and give him a small "hey stop that" push and he has a huge (like 5 inches) tear in his skin behind his right front leg.
And just skin but down though the muscle.
No bleeding anywhere.
I think the cat who likes to get on the roof fell off and hit a lawn chair or the edge of the deck roof which is aluminum and sharp.

Of course I freak and head out to the emergency vet at the same time I call the boy to come meet me there since it is his cat.
The boy gets there and he makes one of the "adult" decisions pet owners spend ever dollar you have to save a pet.
Vet thinks it looks bad but she'll sedate him and look around....the look around showed that he had not broken or punctured anything just a clean slice though. So she got everything stitched back together and we waited....

$452 later he has an Elizabethan collar, big ugly Frankenstein stitches across his back and drains hangin' out in case fluids build up. Recover is not for sure, but the vet felt he has a very good chance to make it.

Right now he is still drugged up and lock in the pet carrier for at least the next 6 hours.
Poor little kitty.
Keep your fingers crossed and send good thoughts his way.
Once he is on his way we will mock the collar by taking pictures.
So 1 life down, 8 to go.....


denisebrain said...

Best thoughts Julie, he's such a great one, I can tell.

Bitterbetty said...

Those grey kitties. Oh I hope he heals well and swift and take more precautions going forward!