Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm Back

Sorry about that.
I've been fighting some nasty viruses and a hacker Trojan for the last week or so and finally had to give up and reformat my hard drive and I forgot to save my bookmarks and, well, it has sucked.
But I have also been cooking.
I got 2 new cookbooks:

Mrs. Rowe's Little Book of Southern Pies and Biscuit Bliss.
Excellent choices.
I've made some awesome biscuits in the last few weeks with the yogurt and cake flour being really, really awesome. Yummy and delicate. The best part is the exhortation of the author to use only flour from "southern wheat" like Martha White and the OK that you can use self rising flour. Which has allowed me to make large, fluffy biscuits without that baking powder after taste.

Pies on the other hand are something I do a pretty good job with anyway, but have found a new crust which uses vinegar and egg. Something I had never made was Chess Pie. Since I got Mrs. Rowe's Chess Pie has become my favorite with chocolate and then the lemon one being just outstanding.
I mean these are 2 of the best pies I have ever tasted.

Other news includes a teenager who went LARPing and now has a "boot" for his severely sprained ankle.
Good times.

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