Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Tonight tonight tonight tonight tonight tonight

I wish I could have a LOST party, instead I get to sit here and listen to my hubby and son bitch about everything.
shutup shutup shutup shutup shutup shutup shutup shutup

I love this theory on what the island is:
"The Island is the literal manifestation of an old way of looking at the world common to all people — a world full of magic and spirits, angels and daemons. (I chose that daemon spelling intentionally. If you are confused, consult my essay on the matter.) The Island exists for anyone who believes in the concept of the mythical journey — a heroic odyssey, a ritualistic walkabout, a quest for spiritual redemption. The Island used to be much bigger and occupied much more of the world's psychic geography. The Island once may have even been the whole wide world. But skepticism, cynicism, and disbelief has caused it to shrink away from our mind's eye, becoming nothing more than a slender piece of ephemeral real estate."

The idea that the Gods exist is one that runs though the work of Neil Gaiman and other writers. I like it. They exist because people believed in them or created them and once no one thinks about them anymore they have to get jobs or cease to exist.

So that's it, LOST tonight bitches.

Richard=Slave on Black rock?
So Zombie Sayid or Sayid is now sharing a room with Jacob?
Smoke monster Locke scares me.
No fair on Juliet.
And why are Kate and Jack NOT FUCKING DEAD YET?!!?

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Lisa @ the Vintage Fashion Library said...

Our theory at the house of Utter is that Richard was somehow endentured or otherwise connected to Jacob, period, and that's why he didn't age. Never thought about the Black Rock, though. Interesting. Smoke Monster Locke is scary, and I miss the old Locke. :-( Juliet was annoying as hell and we were almost as glad to see her bite it as when our eldest yelling "YES! No Shannon." Mean Charlie sucks. And yeah, I knew Sayid would blow your mind, among other things.