Thursday, October 30, 2008

What Obama did Not Say Last Night

While Palin is being snarky about Obama today in her speeches John Cole over on Balloon Juice reminds us of what Obama did not say in his infomercial last night.

Notice what is missing from that, conservatives? Attacks on John McCain. For 30 minutes, Barack Obama talked about what he thinks are the problems currently facing the country, about what he thinks he can do to help fix them, how you can help him, and why it is important to elect him. He did not spend his time telling you why you should not vote for McCain, he spent his time telling why you should vote for him. You may not agree with his ideas, but you can not argue he has them and is presenting them to the country in a clear and nonthreatening manner.

Since John and Sarah can't give a speech without lying about Obama I have a feeling their infomercial would be POW!WAR!AYERS!SOCIALIST!ISRAELHATER!TERRORIST! oh and did I say POW?!!!
I'm glad my candidate is the one who tells me what he will DO not what is wrong with his opponent, who lets me know what is ideas are to fix this country and who talks to me like an adult.

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