Monday, August 13, 2007

I've discussed my love of the 40's Noir look many times.
Of all the eras I sell I would be happy if all I had was 40's Noir vintage clothing and, of course, vintage shirtwaist dresses.
What makes me sad is that my luck in finding those dresses is not so hot.
It may be that my area was pretty poor and conservative during that time and that style was just too "fast" to be acceptable.
I need to get an estate of a gal who lived "loose" during that time, a gal who was a mobster's moll and went to swanky clubs then retired to Arkansas with all her "stuff".
Anyway, I do have this great dress listed now:
Love the sheer smocked bodice and the ruched cummerbund.....and I just like black.
Also this pretty sheer Peggy Bets blouse to be worn under a nice nipped waist suit.

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